Keep Your Wood Furniture Looking Wonderful

It’s nature’s perfect décor. Wood furniture not only brings a natural look to your home, but looks beautiful in any room. The big question is whether you should dust, clean, or wax your wood furniture.

As a general rule, always ask for specific care and cleaning guidelines when purchasing new furniture. Airborne deposits of dust build up in a filmy layer. This can scratch surface. Frequently dusting your wood furniture is thus important. You can use either clean, dry, or softs clothes, as well as feather dusters to effectively remove dust. For great results, dampen the cloth slightly to avoid scattering the dust into the air.

You will usually avoid cleaning wood with water. Sticky spots may, however, need the soap and water treatment. Unless your furniture has a plastic coating, you will never use all-purpose cleaning spray. Oil polishes, cleaners, and furniture oils make the surface more slippery, thus protecting the wood. They don’t offer a hard protective layer though. Most commercial spray and liquid furniture polishes contain silicone oil, which provides some protection.

While it might seem complicated to clean wooden furniture, a simple approach is always best. Take care of your wooden furniture regularly, and you will have it lasting for a lifetime.