• It's cost-effective. Adding your new electronic equipment to your home or household insurance policy may increase your monthly premiums significantly.
  • Insuring new electronics equipment with this policy means that if you do need to claim, it won't affect the no-claim bonus pay out of any home or household insurance policies you may have.
  • Quick claims turnaround within 10 days for repairs and 5 days for replacement.
  • Convenience - no need to wait for quote to get cover.
  • Payment is once-off. There are no monthly 
  • You can choose either a 12 or 24 month  policy.
  • Your policy is underwritten by Abacus Insurance. Insurance you can count on.

These are some of the first concerns people have when their electronic quipment is lost, stolen or damaged.

Q: Will my goods be replaced or repaid?
A: Your goods will, at the sole discretion of Abacus Insurance,  be repaired if financially feasible or replaced if not Documentation is recieved. In the case of repairs, this turnaround time excludes agent.

Q: If replaced will my goods be replaced  with one of the same or a similar product.
A: Yes, it will my goods be replaced with the same or similar product.  

Q: How quickly will the claim be processed?  
A: We know your electronic equipments is an indispenseble item. Claims submitted with all supporting documentation will be processed by Abacus insurance within 5 days from the date upon which all claim

Q: Will I have to fill  out a lot of paperwork if I need to claim.
A: No, only 1 (one) form. The calims process is simple and easy. It can also be done on    the phone through our call center.

Q: How many times can i claim?
A: Total loss: once and repair: 3 (three) times

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