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Furniture Made for 2

Shoes, socks, dice and even wings! These are just a few examples of things that can only work in a pair. We're pretty sure you can only wear one shoe or sock, but is it practical? Some things are just better in two's! With this in mind and factoring in Valentine's Day, we have rounded up the best furniture and appliance products that is enjoyed better when there are two of you

 The Serengeti Couch

 The Serengeti 2.5 Div Couch will be a timeless addition in a contemporary or traditional living room. This beautiful brown couch is made for comfort, making it the perfect couch for two people to relax on. So whether you're cuddling up or watching a movie, you will want to add the Serengeti Couch to your home.

The Sleepmasters Prague 152cm Queen Base Set

Have you ever wondered why you cuddled your teddies as a child, or why you wake up cuddling your pillow? It's because beds were made for two! The Sleepmasters Prague 152cm Queen Base Set provides reinforced corner support to create consistent comfort throughout the mattress sleep surface for both of you. The exclusive Copper Cool infused high-density foam adds natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties and increases blood circulation which results in less body movement and deeper sleep.

The mattress is strengthened with foam encased side walls giving your mattress superior side support for two people and ensuring that it retains its shape. The pillow top provides optimum cushioning for enhanced comfort to give you a beautiful night’s rest.

Russell Hobbs 2pce Breakfast Pack

Russell Hobbs 2 Piece Breakfast Pack Not only is the perfect for couples, but it's also the perfect combo! The Matt Black Breakfast pack includes the 950W 2 Slice pop up toaster with automatic power cut off. The 2nd piece of this breakfast pack is 1.8 Liter, Cordless Kettle with a removable lime scale filter. This 2pce breakfast pack will have you enjoying romantic breakfasts without any hassles.

Whether you're looking for a valentine's day gift, or you've recently moved in with someone, Bradlows has affordable appliances and furniture pieces for your needs!


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