Wall Units vs Plasma Stands

by Bradlows 30 July 2019

You're thinking about buying a new furniture piece for your entertainmentarea. Do you, however, buy a plasma stand, more commonly known as a TV unit, or a wall unit. Before you make this important investment it's important to understand all the pros and cons of each.3

Wall Units

Wall units are very practical furniture pieces as everything is in one place. They are very roomy, allowing space for a lot of different objects. A wall unit basically replaces different cases, shelves and even the TV stand. The Sienna MK2 4 Piece Wall Unit is a contemporary unit with ample storage space, which can easily accommodate a flat screen TV. This unit provides ample drawer space and features beautiful sleek lines and glass displays for ornaments, books and glassware.

Wall units often come in different designs, colours and styles, giving you a wider selection. For example, the Remus 4 Piece Wall Unit  features burled walnut finishes and hidden downlights.

As mentioned, a wall unit is a roomy piece of furniture. This can be a disadvantage for homes with smaller rooms or people who live in an apartment. They are also more difficult to move around.

Plasma Stands

A huge advantage of a plasma stand is its mobility and functionality, making it ideal when rearranging your room or moving to another house.Plasma stands, such as the Juliet Plasma Unit , often appear bulky, because of its design, but they don't take up much space. They also provide storage spaces for your movies, games, and other entertainment.

A drawback of a smaller plasma stand, such as the Contempo Plasma Stand is that it's not steady. If you accidentally bump into it, then your TV could potentially be damaged if it falls over.

Small rooms often require a minimum quantity of furniture, while being functional at the same time. Plasma stands are a good choice for small rooms or apartments.

When making the choice between a wall unit and a plasma stand, you have to consider your home interior and dimension of the room. Despite their different functions, benefits, and disadvantages it is worth mentioning that both options are useful. No matter which unit you buy, it is crucial that you pay attention to its quality and design.

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