TV Terminology Must-Knows

TV Terminology Must-Knows

by Bradlows 7 January 2020

So, you're finally buying your first TV. Perhaps you've decided to upgrade your current TV or just want another TV in your home. It’s not easy buying a TV, and all the new terminology doesn't make it any easier. The glossary below cuts through all the noise and gets straight to the point. We're helping you determine which specs matter, so you can pick the right television for your football games, soapie viewing parties, and, most importantly, your budget.


This is simply an abbreviation for “high definition". Technically, any screen with a resolution higher than 720 pixels, such as the Hisense 32" HD LED TV can be considered an HD TV. Naturally, the more pixels there are, the higher the definition a screen will have. 1080 pixel Full HD displays are newer and more popular versions such as the Samsung 49" FHD LED TV.



Also known as ultra-high-definition or 4K, UHD is the next big thing when it comes to televisions. UHD sets, such as the Sansui 55" UHD LED TV offers a brighter picture and more detail than HD sets, with a resolution two times the pixel density of high definition video. The best way to understand UHD is to imagine that your TV screen is made of stacked rows of lights.HD televisionshave 1,080 rows of those lights, while UHD screens have 2,160 rows, all packed into a screen that’s the same size. More rows in the same space means a better ability to render finer detail.


You might have noticed the term LED in the previous paragraphs, but you might be wondering what it is though? LED, or light-emitting diodes, are tiny semiconductors that glow when electrical currents move through them. LEDs are used in backlighting when it comes to televisions. So, when you see a television that advertises itself as an LED TV, realize you’re not actually looking at the LEDs — you’re typically looking at an LCD screen backlit by LEDs.

Smart TV

Smart TVs have baked-in software that lets you access streaming video, and are seemingly everywhere these days. It’s a great way to access online services without an external media box. We like the LG 55" Smart LED TV with its sleek, futuristic, metallic design, which enhances your living space.

There you have it! These are some of the common terms you will hear when entering a Bradlows store. If your budget allows for it, we would suggest getting a Smart TV, but a UHD TV will be your next best bet. Happy viewing!