Top Loader vs Twin Tub Washing Machines

by Bradlows 30 July 2019

You’re in the market for a new washing machine. You are either looking to replace your old one or are looking for your very first washing machine for your new place. Should you buy a top loader or twin tub machine? No matter your reason for wanting a washing machine, or your choice of machine, we have a few points to help make your decision a little easier.

What is a top loader?

As the name suggests, these washing machines have clothes loaded into the top through an openable door. Some, like the Samsung 15kg Top Loader Washing Machine  have a glass door, meaning you can keep an eye on your laundry as it washes. Not all top loaders have glass doors, so you won't always have the luxury of seeing your clothes being washed.  It may differ at times, but most top loaders don't come with separate drawer. This means detergent is often poured directly in with the clothes.  They can often accommodate more clothes, meaning these machines tend to be a little bulkier.

Why buy top loader?

  • This machine offers affordability. Basic top loaders models are often lower in price.
  • Superb for individuals who suffer from back problems. As you don't have to bend down to load the washer, top loaders are ideal for people who struggle with back issues.
  • If you are looking to add clothes last minute. It happens, you start washing a load, you turn around, and there are one or two clothing pieces that you forgot to add. Top loaders make it easier to add those forgotten clothes mid-wash.

What is a twin tub?

This washer comes with two tubs. The first tub washes your clothes while the second tub is used to spin them dry. Unfortunately, you have to move the clothes manually from tub to tub. Twin tubs, like the Defy 18kg Twin Tub Washing Machine have the capacity to handle bigger loads.

Why buy a twin tub?

  • Twin tub washing machines use water more efficiently than other options. Compared to a top loader, this machine uses less water when loading clothes, as it allows you to reuse your water after washing the first load. You can rinse the water from your first load and use it as clean water for the next load.
  • Twin tubs are energy efficient. You can spin your clothes much drier using this machine than other options. You will also save on electricity costs, as it uses less energy.
  • This washing machine is easy to store. You simply have to wheel it to the water point, meaning you can place your twin tub machine anywhere.
  • twin tub laundry machine can wash your clothes faster. You can wash bigger loads compared to a top loader, allowing you to get your laundry done faster.
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