The Advantages of Using Microwaves

The Advantages of Using Microwaves

Even though they have been a standard appliance in home kitchens for nearly 50 years, microwave ovens are still viewed as space-age technology.  There also seems to be some confusion about the benefits of microwave cooking. Perhaps people just don't know how microwaves work? In this article, we will quickly go through how microwaves work, and then talk about the advantages of using microwaves.

To put it as simply as possible, Microwave ovens use short-wavelength electromagnetic waves at high frequency to induce water molecules to vibrate. The more vibration, the hotter the water gets, and that’s the big secret right there! The key to microwave cooking lies entirely in determining the right amount of time and energy you need. Don't worry though, studies show it really is safe to cook with a microwave, and doing so retains more nutrients than stovetop cooking.

And that is the first advantage of using a microwave. Microwaves are more effective in preserving nutrients in fruits and vegetables than cooking on a stovetop. In saying that, any heating breaks down some nutrients and you have to use the correct technique. Setting the timer and expecting perfect food isn't going to cut it. It’s better to under-cook your food first and then cook just a little longer rather than over-cooking it.  Let's say you're cooking peas in the Sansui 20 Litre Manual Microwave. Instead of setting the timer to 4 minutes, we get better nutrient retention by cooking for only 2 minutes, stirring them, and then cooking again for another minute, stirring again, and then letting the peas rest.

The second advantage of using a microwave, especially for bachelors, is convenience. Microwaves, like the Russell Hobbs 20lt Manual Microwave heat and thaw foods faster than other methods of cooking. Microwave-safe food containers let you place everything from soups to mac and cheese to popcorn inside and get a snack in only a few minutes. For single people breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all covered. Most microwaves also include recipes to help you prepare fantastic meals in a fraction of the time you’d otherwise spend fussing over a stove.

The last, and important advantage in the modern world, is the energy efficiency of using a microwave. You can directly control cooking time, thus you have much better control over how much power you use. They also don’t retain heat nor do they heat up everything in your kitchen. Microwave ovens use less energy than all conventional ovens or stoves since they directly heat up the water in the food.

We know you love cooking a great meal for our family on the stove, and some meals simply cannot be replicated in the microwave! What just hope that after reading this article, you realise that it's perfectly OK to use your microwave. And besides the convenience of it all, cooking with a microwave regularly could also lower your monthly energy usage.