Sleepmasters Queen (152cm) Mattress Protector

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10 Year Warranty
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10 Year Warranty

"A warranty is your protection against defective workmanship. It is not a guarantee of product life, or more importantly, of comfort life. Even though your current bed may have a warranty of 5 - 15 years, that doesn’t mean it will provide maximum comfort and support for that long. If your body or lifestyle changes, you may need a new bed.

Safely store your proof of purchase in the unlikely event of a claim!"

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Product Details

    • Anti-dust mite barrier


    • Anti-allergy


    • Anti-bacterial


    • Anti-fungus


    • Impermeable-breathable


  • Waterproof
weight & dimensions
Width (cm) 48.080
Height (cm) 20.000
Length 20.000

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Masterguard helps prevent future cracking and peeling of your product. It makes it easier to repair stains and damages and helps prevent color fading. We have a range of masterguard kits for beds, leather and fabric.