About Us

Bradlows has been at the heart of South African homes for over 100 years. You could say it is one of the reasons why the vast majority of our customers are also our friends and why we are their destination of choice for quality home furniture and leading brand appliances and audio equipment.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, dining room to the lounge, we pride ourselves on offering stylish, comfortable furniture to suit all tastes and styles. Choose from modern; traditional; classic or contemporary. We cater to your preference and pocket.

Visit Bradlows today and see why we are so passionate about our high-quality products - at prices you can afford.

Our History

With a history that spans over 100 years of supplying quality furniture and dedicated, loyal service to the people of Southern Africa, Bradlows has carved a name for itself into the very fabric of our society. From humble beginnings in Johannesburg Central during the gold rush in 1901, the supply of stylish home furniture and appliances has always been at the heart of Bradlows, and thanks to our founder, David Bradlows, we will continue the tradition.

Today, thanks to the loyalty of everyday South Africans and the commitment of our staff. Bradlows can now boast over 300 stores. Looking back, it serves as a reminder not only of how far we have come, but how far we want to go.

At Bradlows we plan to be around for another 100 years. We hope you will take the journey with us.