4 Reasons why the Headboard is the IT piece of Bedroom Suites

by Bradlows 2 August 2019

If there is one piece of furniture that has gone in and out of fashion over the years, it would be the headboard that often comes with a bedroom suite.  Besides being a practical piece of furniture,bedroom suite can bring style and serenity back to a bedroom. Below we highlight 4 reasons the headboard is the IT piece of Bedroom Suites and how it can add to your comfort.

Headboards Prevent Headbutts

We've mentioned that headboards are very practical. The main advantage of having a headboard is the physical barrier it creates between your head and your bedroom wall. At some point in our lives, many of us have hit our heads against the wall our bed is positioned against. You've either stood up too quickly, or you've fallen down to position your head on the pillow and misjudged where you place your head. Protect your head with a lovely, cushioned headboard like the one that comes with the San Lorenzo 2 Piece Bedroom Suite.

Fantastic Focal Points

headboard brings another element of design, making it a wonderful addition to your bedroom. A stylish headboard will create a focal point around the bed and visually anchor your space. Add in some decorative pillows or a gorgeous throw, and you instantly create balance and harmony.

Just look how gorgeous the Roma 4 Piece Bedroom Suite  looks with the attractive headboard and pillows.

Prevent Pillow Loss

Speaking of pillows, have you ever woken up to find your pillow stuck between your bed and the wall? We are pretty sure the same force that steals our socks in the washing machine, is responsible for pulling our pillows off the bed during the night. Luckily, headboards are highly skilled at keeping your pillows in place, comfortably folded between your head and the mattress. The Toscana 2 Piece Bedroom Suite features exotic inserts on the headboard, which adds style to your bedroom while keeping your pillows in place.

More Back Support and Comfort

Winter time is a great time for sitting in bed reading a book, browsing the web, or watching series. If this is you, then you'll know the struggle of getting the perfect height to depth ratio of pillow support. Some headboards offer a comfortable cushioned backrest, unlike a cold, hard wall.

No matter what style, fabric, and colour you choose to go with - headboards are a must for any bedroom.

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